Experimental web-interface for the UPSILoN lightcurve classifier

This page allows one to run a lightcurve of a periodic variable star through the UPSILoN classifier developed by Dae-Won Kim & Coryn A. L. Bailer-Jones without the need to install the UPSILoN Python module on a local computer. The classifier based on the Random Forest algorithm aims to classify the input single-band lightcurve as Delta Scuti, RR Lyrae, Cepheid, Type II Cepheid, eclipsing binary, or long-period variable. Please see the project web page and the accompanying publication for details.

To try the classifier, please enter the lightcurve file name:
Lightcurve file:

The input lightcurve should be a simple ASCII file in the "JD mag", "JD mag mag_err", or VaST format. The Catalina Surveys .csv files are also supported. The lightcurve may contain comment lines. Example lightcurves may be found here, here, and here (links to data files are at the bottom of these pages).

If you have questions, bug reports or suggestions regarding this web-interface, please contact Kirill Sokolovsky via e-mail: kirx[at]scan.sai.msu.ru